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Department of Nephrology

Department of Nephrology

Srikara Hospital Miyapur unit provides a consultative service for patients with all forms of renal disease (non obstructive) including diabetes, hypertension, renal vascular disease, immunological renal disease, glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis and chronic renal failure.

Dialysis services

The unit provides a broad range of dialysis facilities for end-stage renal failure, including in-centre, home and satellite haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

  1. Acute kidney injury including pregnancy related renal disorders
  2. Chronic kidney disease and complications
  3. Hypertension
  4. Critical care Nephrology
  5. Proteinuria and Nephrotic syndrome
  6. Chronic glomerulonephritis and interstitial Nephritis
  7. Collagen vascular disorders and vasculitis
  8. Immunological kidney diseases
  9. Diabetic kidney disease
  10. Congenital renal disorders
  11. Polycystic kidney diseases
  12. Obstructive uropathy
  13. Renal stone disease
  14. Hemodialysis and SLED
  15. Acute peritoneal dialysis
  16. Renal biopsy
  17. Tunneled catheter Insertion


We have physicians with research or clinical expertise in all of the following fields:
  1. Acute Kidney Injury
  2. Autoimmune renal disease
  3. Calciphylaxisis
  4. Calcium disturbance
  5. Cardiovascular complications of kidney disease
  6. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  7. Complement mediated disease
  8. Connective tissue disease (eg Scleroderma)
  9. Diabetic renal disease
  10. Fabry Disease
  11. Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
  12. Glomerulonephritis
  13. Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
  14. Hepatorenal syndrome
  15. HIV/antiretroviral related renal disease
  16. Hyper/hypokalaemia
  17. Hyper/hyponatraemia
  18. Hyperparathyroidism
  19. IgA Nephropathy
  20. Inherited renal disease
  21. Disorders of FGF23/klotho
  22. Kidney stones
  23. Lupus
  24. Membranous Nephropathy
  25. Metabolic Renal disease
  26. Myeloma Kidney
  27. Obstetric Nephrology
  28. Polycystic kidney disease
  29. Phosphate disturbance
  30. Retroperitoneal Fibrosis
  31. Sarcoidosis
  32. Transplant complications
  33. Tuberous Sclerosis
  34. Vascular access complications
  35. Vasculitis